{music for kids}

Jess and Aaron are a kids’ music duo and writing team based in New York City.

After years of intermittently writing and producing music together, they realized that their combined experience—Jess as a kids’ music teacher, independent artist and studio vocalist, and Aaron as a songwriter/producer for children’s TV shows—could make for a great new collaboration.

They had already had successes with their music being featured in national commercials for Kohl’s and Walmart. Aaron had written dozens of original songs for shows such as Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, and Wallykazam, with featured artists including Hilary Duff, Prince Royce, and Christina Milian, as well as producing music for Mattel, Fisher Price, and Scholastic/Netflix. Jess would frequently sing on demos for these projects. This led them to start creating original kids’ music under their own name, and to begin writing as a team.

In January 2018 they released their debut EP, a fresh indie take on kids’ music (“kindie!”), and continue to write for a variety of projects. They specialize in writing and fully producing radio-ready songs for kids’ TV shows and advertising. They also enjoy being part of bigger creative teams, and collaborating with other artists and writers. As they launch their original music project, they will be playing a series of shows for children in the New York City area.